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LiteCoin mining script Windows

Litecoin is scrypt based cryptocoin and scrypt based cryptocurrencies are mined with some additional parameters to your miners. Below you will find a procedure to set up automated script which will run your miner with desired settings. (more...)

Give me coins Litecoin mining pool

Mining Litecoins is probably your best entry point into cryptocurrency world. Bitcoins and sha256 algorithm already has dedicated mining hardware which is few ten thousand times faster than your GPU (and even more than your CPU). (more...)

Invest with Bitcoins

We long know mining Bitcoins is not profitable for small users as GPU and CPU mining is useless. But I have already written about alternative mining coins which you can then exchange to Bitcoins via online money exchanges in some other article, but now that you have your earned bitcoins you can either spend them online, gamble them with poker games, invest them into better mining hardware or invest them at some stranger. (more...)

BitCoin mining is not worth it anymore

BitCoin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world and also has a lot of vendors at which you can spend them for various items like computers, electronics, clothes or apparel and even food. This improves its status as a valid currency, but recently with dedicated sha256 hardware mining has become useless for everyday user. (more...)