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Automate your ssh or git clone from inside Docker

Solution to automating any ssh command is to avoid having to type yes to all the various questions exposed. For this post I will limit myself to the fact that you have the keys inside your Docker. If you burnt your precious ssh keys into image which is bad (ADD command), or added via volume mapping when running a docker (-v flag) does not matter as long as you know where they are. (more...)

When Linux system has no shutdown command use reboot -p

We have all been there. Powering off the computer with or without restart so that everything ends nicely and you do not just pull the power from it. But Embedded Linux devices (natively compiled Kernel) do not have shutdown command in their system/bin (or /bin). (more...)

Docker remove untagged images and stopped container

During active development on and with Docker I have been extremely frustrated by lack of proper cleanup commands in Docker itself. Stopped containers and untagged images soon take your precious disk space and you are left wondering where it went as none of the directories has enough data inside to stand out. (more...)

Django 1.10 TypeError, TemplateDoesNotExist

Django 1.10 update brings quite some pain, although I was following updates very closely. But I was not really paying attention to what will be deprecated in 1.10 and this has bitten my ass. I have some really old Django projects and while new settings. (more...)