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China - Beijing

Beijing is a huge and modern city. Once you arrive at the airport, the terminal we were in was not the most modern one. After filling out Arrival card and getting a 72-hour Transit Free Visa, we were straight out to pick a taxi. (more...)

China - 72 hour Transit Free Visa

There is a way to visit China on short notice without having to go through the Visa application process. If you have time (and money) it is definitely better to go through the normal tourist Visa application process and receive a normal Visa for entering China. (more...)

Ghent sights - Gravensteen

Ghent has a iconic city centre with wonderful waterways, churches, and iconic buildings around the canal's. It provides background for a lot of very nice photos which resemble Venice in its core, but the attraction is the Gravensteen castle. (more...)

Day 5 of Greek island Kos advanture - Kefalos and Paradise Beach

We have explored the Eastern part of Kos yesterday and for today we have decided to visit the West of the airport. The landscape on this part of Kos island is much greener due to sweet water fountains which provide water for whole island. (more...)