Hacking master plan excerpt about planting Raspberry Pi

I wrote a book about Joncy Ber robbing a bank. Since summer is over, so reading on the beach is replaced by the evening before sleep reading in the bed, Hacking master Plan remains something that will keep you engaged for some time (even though it is a thin book). (more...)

Hacking master plan - Learn hacking tips and tricks released

You want to be a cyber security expert or even a white hack hacker, but you do not know where to start? Then my book Hacking Master Plan - Learn hacking tips and tricks will give you some of the hints how real hacking operations are planned and executed. (more...)

Garmin just showed us how useless our watches are

Garmin server outage because of apparently unplanned server maintenance has showed all the Garmin Smartwatch users that their watches are useless without the cloud servers from Garmin. There is no technical reason the mobile application could not retrieve data from your watch and store it on your mobile until servers are available. (more...)

Google Home device no link button

Linking multiple accounts to Google Home device (speaker) is essential functionality that you want. I do not want that my wife at home controls volume on my phone, or that she adds my events instead of hers. (more...)