07. December 2014 1 min read

Nucleo-F401RE running program with power through USB port

You have USB powerbank and you want to run the program you have on your Nucleo-F401RE? It takes some datasheet reading and the answer is not really clear. If you have external power supply on E5V then you just need to switch jumper 3 from U5V to E5V, and board will power and run the loaded program. But that means you need external power and you need to plug it on board.

Power supply through debugger miniUSB port

It is easier to use an increasingly popular USB powerbanks with classical USB-miniUSB adapter which plugs directly into the board. But all you will get is blinking RED LED1 on debugger. Plug out, JP3 should be on U5V, then unplug the two jumpers on debugger which are side-by-side (CN2) and put one to JP1. Now your board will power up and all you need is reset button to start the program.

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