Helm: generate comma separated list

When you want to deploy your Django application with Helm to Kubernetes cluster, you will need to produce ALLOWED_HOSTS list inside the settings.py. I use Python decouple module and then inject the values through the environment variables. (more...)

Traefik v2 and LetsEncrypt cert-manager on RaspberryPi4 kubernetes cluster

Most of the times you just want to simply transfer your simple webpage to your raspberry pi cluster at home. The webpage is of course running on https and you are obtaining free certificates from LetsEncrypt using certbot in reality. (more...)

Use CI to prevent additional Doxygen warnings in your project

This is the second in series of articles where I discuss how to avoid increasing number of warnings over time in your documentation build. In previous article I wrote about Sphinx documentation build, but now I will write how to limit Doxygen warnings. (more...)

Traefik v2 and Unifi Controller on Kubernetes

RaspberryPi 3 and 4 Kubernetes cluster can run Unifi Controller on your local network and expose your admin interface over the https on Internet. I also have firewall before my Kubernetes cluster which only exposes https and http ports, so other ports exposed here are only exposed in my local network. (more...)