Traefik v2 and LetsEncrypt WITHOUT cert-manager on RaspberryPi4 kubernetes cluster

I have already presented a solution with Traefik v2 and Cert manager as how to automatically renew your Letsencrypt certificates, but after recent update to 2.6 I figured out that there is a much easier version, which does not require cert-manager at all. (more...)

Kubernetes and Traefik v2 forward traffic to external IP

In my internal network I have couple of devices that I would love to expose to internet. However as we all know those devices are not the most secure, so providing added layer of security via Kubernetes and Traefik v2 seemed like easiest and best idea. (more...)

Hacking master plan excerpt about planting Raspberry Pi

I wrote a book about Joncy Ber robbing a bank. Since summer is over, so reading on the beach is replaced by the evening before sleep reading in the bed, Hacking master Plan remains something that will keep you engaged for some time (even though it is a thin book). (more...)

List all authors of git commits on branch in last 30 days

I wanted to have a bit of an overview about what is going on with my branch in the last 30 days. It was hijacked by some co-developers and in the end I wanted to see who contributed the most. But the problem was that while GitHub and GitLab do provide some statistics, they are for a master or main branch and they cannot be filtered by time. (more...)