Installing AMD GPU Pro driver in Ubuntu 20.04

Usually I upgrade from version to version, and the AMD GPU driver is one of the rare things which so far never worked as expected. Along with few tweaks for installations on non-LTS Ubuntu, once in a while also LTS installations fail. (more...)

Solve choppy sound with Jabra Elite Active 75t on Ubuntu

Jabra Elite Active 75t Bluetooth headphones is a brand new model, which is great for sports, but I also use it while behind my computer instead of bulky overhead headphones. Hearthrough works magically as well as ambient noise reduction is great. (more...)

CoreDNS cannot resolve external domain name

You just initialized the Kubernetes cluster, managed to get weave running and now Coredns is running as well. All works well until you try to access external network from within one of the pods. External network is not accessible, and there is no visible indication that something is wrong as all pods are running and acting normally. (more...)

Errors while deploying weave on kubernetes

While Kubernetes cluster deployment to the Raspberry Pi4 or even Raspberry Pi3 clusters (or mixed) sounds very easy, I am always amazed how much knowledge I actually lack or even forget in between successful deployments. (more...)