Invalid data statement gcc linker

GCC Linker is not really descriptive with the error messages. While most of them do hint on the real problem, this below one gives you no indication what-so-ever of where to search or what to search for as error. (more...)

How to set persistent swapoff for Kubernetes kubelet

When you first restart your Kubernetes node or master you usually bump into

failed to run Kubelet: running with swap on is not supported, please disable swap! or set --fail-swap-on 

Sounds quite obvious that the solution is in fact:

sudo swapoff -a

It is worth mentioning that swapoff command is not persistent on RaspberryPi, Ubuntu, etc. (more...)

Google Home device no link button

Linking multiple accounts to Google Home device (speaker) is essential functionality that you want. I do not want that my wife at home controls volume on my phone, or that she adds my events instead of hers. (more...)

Oracle Java 11 released - but not for commercial use

Oracle Java 11 that is a latest major release of the Java is not free for commercial use. We do not know if they have intentionally changed the terms, but now you are not allowed to use the programs for any commercial uses. (more...)