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How to register a car in Belgium

After 6 months since arriving in Belgium (and getting your residency and ID card fixed), you are obliged to register your car in Belgium. That means that if you are stopped in police in foreign car, but you are in country for more than 6 months, you can get a nice ticket. (more...)

What hides in unused percentage of our brain

Below article is work in progress and it just reflects my mind when the idea that our brain is not unused but inactive. Please share any ideas/information below, that could help me finish this article and forward my thinking - I do read comments and they actually help me set stuff into my daily todo list. (more...)

Shopping at Amazon.de is great

Online shopping is great in cases where near by stores do not have the model you want on stock. I needed white shoes, but all I could get were sport shoes, nothing elegant. But I needed elegant shoes and on end I went to Amazon. (more...)

NSA did not crack encryption - SSL is still np-complete problem

I do realize I am not the utmost expert for security, but I have been reading about this topic since it came out in September enough to know that SSL encryption as it is has not been cracked. As reported by Snowden the NSA has inserted back doors into certificate authorities and that is the indication that even NSA with all its computing power does not think it is possible to crack or break the RSA encryption. (more...)