08. January 2015 1 min read

Unity test framework on Ubuntu

I have freshly installed Ubuntu on my computer and then I needed to make some stuff with gcc and unity tests. I have took following steps to install proper things from start

sudo apt-get install git ruby rake

After that I have made a src directory and test directory, adjusted paths in rakefile_helper.rb, copied target_gcc_32.yml as well and ran rake. I have received an /usr/include/features.h:374:25: fatal error: sys/cdefs.h: No such file or directory. I have solved this by simply going into target_gcc_32.yml and made GCC input parameter from m32 to m64 (be careful there are two occurences, one for compiler and one for linker). This is a common problem when you're missing a 32bit library that gcc automatically links with m32 flag.
It means you do not have to install anything (especially not 32bit library on your 64bit machine) to solve this error.

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