18. March 2020 3 min read

CoreDNS cannot resolve external domain name

You just initialized the Kubernetes cluster, managed to get weave running and now Coredns is running as well. All works well until you try to access external network from within one of the pods. External network is not accessible, and there is no visible indication that something is wrong as all pods are running and acting normally. If you check logs of your coredns pod you will probably see something like below

$ kubectl logs coredns-84ddd9d996-nrwpn -n kube-system
2020-03-17T15:35:29.849Z [ERROR] plugin/errors: 2 domain.name. A: dial udp [2a02:1800:100::43:1]:53: connect: cannot assign requested address
2020-03-17T15:35:29.850Z [ERROR] plugin/errors: 2 domain.name. AAAA: dial udp [2a02:1800:100::43:1]:53: connect: cannot assign requested address

Googling this brings you to a lot of old and obsolete issues, but the solution is far more simpler. If you check your CoreDNS ConfigMap you will notice, that it forwards to node`s local /etc/resolv.conf file for additional domain name resolution where the pod is running.

kubectl get configmap coredns -n kube-system -o yaml
apiVersion: v1
  Corefile: |
    .:53 {
        kubernetes cluster.local in-addr.arpa ip6.arpa {
           pods insecure
           fallthrough in-addr.arpa ip6.arpa
           ttl 30
        prometheus :9153
        forward . /etc/resolv.conf
        cache 30
kind: ConfigMap
  creationTimestamp: "2020-03-16T23:30:39Z"
  name: coredns
  namespace: kube-system
  resourceVersion: "180"
  selfLink: /api/v1/namespaces/kube-system/configmaps/coredns
  uid: e43fd88d-2539-45ba-9353-6b6e407e5044

This is strange and not really maintainable as you would need to update each node`s resolv.conf file, but there is a way to change this configuration file and then force update all the nodes

# Store the ConfigMap into yaml file
kubectl get configmap coredns -n kube-system -o yaml > coredns.yaml

# Edit the config map to remove metadata to only include name and namespace
# change forward . /etc/resolv.conf to
# forward .
# be aware of 2 spaces after . 
vim coredns.yaml

# Deploy the new ConfigMap
kubectl apply -f coredns.yaml 

# Force update the CoreDNS deployment - review script below before executing!
./force-update-deployment coredns -n kube-system

This will now spawn the updated CoreDNS pods which contain the correct configuration with external access.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zlabjp/kubernetes-scripts/master/force-update-deployment
chmod +x force-update-deployment

You can test this as they do in official documentation with:

kubectl exec -ti dnsutils -- nslookup the-mori.com

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