22. November 2020 1 min read

Helm: generate comma separated list

When you want to deploy your Django application with Helm to Kubernetes cluster, you will need to produce ALLOWED_HOSTS list inside the settings.py. I use Python decouple module and then inject the values through the environment variables.

Django settings for some project.
ALLOWED_HOSTS = config('ALLOWED_HOSTS', default='localhost', cast=Csv())

In my Helm values.yml I have a list of hosts which looks like this:

# Source: helmchart/values.yaml
# ...
    - host: example1.com
    - host: example2.com
# ...

And then to generate a comma separated list of hosts in Helm, to inject into containers, you need to add to the _helpers.tpl

Create list of allowed hosts for Django
{{- define "allowedHosts" -}}
{{- $hosts := list -}}
{{- range .Values.ingressroute.hosts }}
{{- $hosts = .host | append $hosts -}}
{{- end -}}
{{- join ","  $hosts }}
{{- end -}}

Now we can call the function to retrieve comma separated list of the hosts array with key host.

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