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Kronplatz - What to do in the rain or snow

Kronplatz (Plan de Corones) with its 93 sunny days on average per season is one of the best and sunny ski resorts in the Dolomites, South Tirol, Italy. But even though there is a high probability of the sun, you still might get rain or snow during your vacation. And that is what happened to me this year. While kids love to ski, cloud cover and snow can reduce visibility to just a few meters, transforming the slopes from a playground to a no-go zone. That's when having a backup plan isn't just a good idea—it's essential.

Public Swimming Pool Cron 4

On days when the skies open up or the snowflakes descend in flurries, vacationers flock to Cron 4, an aquatic sanctuary for both the young and young at heart. Besides the indoor pool, there is also a small Olympic pool, an Activity pool with a bit warmer water, and a very warm water outdoor pool to enjoy your day. The rush to escape the chill makes the pool a bustling hub of activity. The downside? It's crowded, and when the weather outside is bad they often hit the limit of number of visitors, which means you will be stuck outside waiting for someone to depart.

Sledging on Kronplatz

If you're looking for a different winter wonderland experience, the Korer gondola from Reischach (Riscone) near Brunnico has a simple sledding slope. Because it is much shorter and lower it is usually beneath the blanket of clouds, so visibility even in heavy snow is decent. Besides that, most of the route is covered with forest, which blocks the snow or rain and on your way up you are safely enclosed within the gondola cabin. It is a whole family activity included with your existing Kronplatz ski ticket and you can rent sleddges as well.

Cross Country Ski Route Reischach (Riscone)

For those who crave a bit more adventure and physical exertion, the cross-country ski routes around Kronplatz offer a unique chance to embrace the winter weather. The slower speeds and high exertion of cross-country skiing make it a safer and more enjoyable option when the weather turns sour. There's something undeniably invigorating about gliding through a silent, snow-covered landscape, your breaths materializing in puffs of vapor as you carve your cross-country skating technique - or classical push. The routes in Reischach (Riscone) are perfectly maintained and even lighted in the evening with classical and skate techniques. There is a possibility to rent cross-country equipment, as well as ice skates, but searching on Google Maps for Cross Country Ski rental, or XC ski rental is in vain because the rental place uses German or Italian keywords. So you can visit the website http://langlaufnordic.com/ for more information about equipment rental prices. For novices, professional instructors are available to give lessons and help you improve your techniques on this less-traveled path. This comprehensive approach ensures newcomers and veteran skiers alike can enjoy the thrill of cross-country skiing throughout the winter season, no matter the weather. Route is located on the field just before Reischach village, in front of Cron 4 swimming pool which takes you in the direction of Stefansdorf (Santo Stefano) and then loops back through the golf course and sports park. They can make artificial snow, so there is always plenty of snow available on the route. Each evening they also resurface the route and overall keep a great maintainence. Renting your XC skis also means they are prepared exactly for the snow conditions you are in at the moment and Nordic LangLauf they are expert in ski preparation.

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