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Earn free bitcoins every 30 minutes without mining

We all know Bitcoin value is growing. 1 BTC is currently worth well over $100 that is 100 USD, which makes it a formidable currency even outside the digital world. There are some internet shops which enable you to pay with Bitcoins which will accelerate the adaptation of this e-currency even more. (more...)

Samsung 303C12 Chromebook with Google OS as Cloud computer

Chromebook is light, Apple Air alike laptop which runs on Google OS. Samsung 303C12 is best example of laptop which is focused on Cloud computing. Most computer users today use computer to access mail, arrange some documents, talk with friends and browse the internet. (more...)

Nikon D3200 with all equipment

Nikon D3200 is SLR Digital camera which has convinced us. It has 24Mpixel photo sensor and with Nikon D3200 quite fast picture-frame sequence offers a perfect balance between camera for scenery and camera for fast sports photography. (more...)

YouTube added paid subscription channels

From today on, you can view some of YouTube paid subscription channels. This is the way that YouTube will allow more earnings to authors of best channels and which will also enable additional more quality content of the same authors. (more...)