Convert MySql exported data from Adminer JSON file to php array which can be imported into SleekDB

I wanted to put my personal blog on Kubernetes cluster, but the main hurdle was to get the MySQL server running on cluster. Because other applications already migrated to PostgreSQL server this would basically require a pod with persistent volume running on cluster for nothing. (more...)

Traefik v2 and LetsEncrypt WITHOUT cert-manager on RaspberryPi4 kubernetes cluster

I have already presented a solution with Traefik v2 and Cert manager as how to automatically renew your Letsencrypt certificates, but after recent update to 2.6 I figured out that there is a much easier version, which does not require cert-manager at all. (more...)

Day 4 of weekend in Dublin with kids: Malahide castle

Malahide Castle is located on the outskirts of Dublin, but it is very well connected with public transport. The yellow double-decker buses make it a scenic ride, but the castle with its gardens is huge and provides a lot of excitement for the kids. (more...)

Day 3 of weekend in Dublin with kids: Exploring Howth and Blackrock

On our third day in Dublin, we decided to take a break from the city and head to the seaside town of Howth. We took the bus from the city center and arrived in Howth in just under an hour. The weather was sunny and warm, perfect for a stroll along the beach. (more...)