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Kindle PaperWhite

Kindle Paperwhite is advertised as World's most advanced e-reader. The Amazon high contrast, resolution and touchscreen e-ink e-book reader corporates long 8-week battery life with built-in light. Electronic paper provides great reading experience even in direct sunlight, while special Amazon patented built-in light nicely and evenly illuminates screen when there is not enough light to read normally. The lightness of the screen is adjustable with simple on screen slider so that you can save your battery at times when there is some light around you.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhile can hold up to 1100 books and the built in WiFi enables you to download books from Amazon`s massive book selection. This means that you can take your Kindle Paperwhite anywhere you go with your own library on it. Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader also includes nice features like Time to Read and Parental Control. Time to Read feature helps you determine your reading speed and calculates the estimated time when you will finish a chapter. Parental Control supports children`s books and blocks adult content.


Kindle Paperwhite is used mainly as ebook reader which enables you to read electronic books on epaper. Electronic paper or epaper or eink is low power display which uses Epson`s E-ink technology and provides low power consumption with excellent reading properties of classical paper. Only great disadvantage was bad visibility in dark places but the new Amazon patented built-in light eliminates that which makes Amazon Kindle Paperwhite a perfect ebook reader.
Reading electronic books is not only possibility for Kindle Paperwhite. You can also surf the internet or do any other stuff via WiFi, but remember that e-ink is not really designed to play movies.

Supported formats

There are many formats the new Kindle Paperwhite supports. It all starts with new Kindle Format8 (.azw3) and old Kindle (.azw) file format. Then it extends to common text file format .txt and of course a portable document viewer (.pdf) in which most electronic content is stored today. Of course you can also view .html, Windows Word (.doc and .docx) format as well as pictures in .jpeg,.jpg,.gif,.png and .bmp (although this through some conversion). Kindle Paperwhite also supports unprotected .mobi and native .prc formats.

Battery life and charging time

Electronic paper is designed for low power consumption, so main factor in battery life on Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is light and wireless. If you would just read books it would last up to eight weeks with a single charge, but because you will mostly use light, it will drain battery a lot faster. In reality you will charge it before going to beach or holiday and 7 or 14 days later when you come home from extensive reading once again. But do not worry. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite uses standard USB 2.0 cable to fully charge in around 4 hours. That means you can charge it anywhere and extend reading of ebooks forever.

WiFi Connection

WiFi is your main supplier of electronic books and other electronic material. Fully wireless Amazon Kindle Paperwhite does not require computer to download content, and supports public and private WiFi networks or hotspots. It connects to any 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n standard routers with support for WEP, WPA and WPA2 security standards by using password authentication or WPS (WiFi Protected Setup). WiFi also provides access to free cloud storage on which you can store any Amazon content.

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