17. July 2013 5 min read

Samsung 303C12 Chromebook with Google OS as Cloud computer

Chromebook is light, Apple Air alike laptop which runs on Google OS. Samsung 303C12 is best example of laptop which is focused on Cloud computing. Most computer users today use computer to access mail, arrange some documents, talk with friends and browse the internet. They do not use many programs installed on their computer because internet offers them everything. Google has pushed their services with Gmail, Gtalk, Gdrive, Gdocs, etc. so far, that we do not need Mail Exchange programs. MSN, ICQ and IRC are mostly dead, with Skype somehow hanging around. Ever lost all your data when hard-drive crashed? You are probably uploading stuff to your Google Drive or some other Cloud Storage. With Google Docs we now have a solid text and chart editor and we have come to a point where additional software is not urgently needed.

Faster booting time

Samsung 303C12 Chromebook boots instantly from suspend mode, which barely uses any power, which means you will never actually turn it off. With 16GB SSD disk and 2GB Ram on fast ARM processor which barely uses any power you can get up to 6.5 hours. Now imagine you can just pull your laptop out, check your mail and then put it back in - all this in few seconds. Also cold boot takes only 10 seconds which is main advantage when you are on the go, because you can start working fast and make every second count.

Cloud computing has never been so close

Up until now, we have relied on e-mails, USB keys, diskettes and CD-Roms to share our data. Internet and broadband have come so far, that you do not need them anymore. You just upload your data to Storage cloud (like Google Drive, Ubuntu One) and share all this data with friends or just synchronize it with your other devices like mobile phones or tablets. And this is where Chromebook comes in handy. Tablets are a lot slower than Chromebook, have smaller screen, yet they are comparable in size and weight. Why would you still use them? Chromebook allows you to access your data everywhere and fast. That is the biggest benefit of having all your data in cloud - that is is always available and accessible everywhere.

Disadvantages of cloud computing

Of course there are some disadvantages and most people are concerned about privacy of data (after all, they are not under your control), as well as accessibility is in question as your Cloud provider might take their service down or enforce you additional payments. That is one of the reasons you receive free 2 year Subscription to Google Drive with Chromebook. This way Google guarantees you, that you will be able to use Chromebook just like your everyday computer.

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