27. September 2013 3 min read

Day 3 of Berlin adventure - Charlottenburg

One day before inline skating marathon we have decided to take it easy. We have only scheduled one tourist attraction on this day and with long sleep and time to prepare our skates before our D-day. Charlottenburg is a palace, much like Vienna Schoenbrun, where kings and queens spent their summer vacations away from city. Because it was away from major conflicts it did not have any defensive roll they have decorated it in Baroque style to show their wealth and style. It is also a place where German Crown and German Crown jewels are on display.
Again fastest and easiest way was with U-Bahn and once you are there the entrance is glamorous. In museum (which is too small if you ask me), you check out some of major chambers which take you through construction of this palace or castle to most important rooms in it. You visit queen and king chambers and audience rooms with some bigger chambers all with beautiful sight on huge gardens with ponds. It is not so lengthy visit, but you can also check some silver-ware like plates, dishes, glasses, spoons, forks, etc. and few porcelain items which queen so dearly loved. Main attraction are of course German Crown and royal sword. After that we have took a stroll around the garden. It was late September and it was not really all blooming, but enough flowers and plants were, to still present us with warm feeling on otherwise quite cold day. The pond was also full of ducks and it made a vivid green scene for us to relax our senses.
Later that afternoon we had a pleasant reception on Slovenian embassy with a speech of Slovenian Ambassador in Berlin. It was a nice gesture to all Slovenian athletes who packed Slovenian embassy to last corner. With over 100 Slovenians on running and inline skating event together it was a real blast to get together just before our big days.
On our way back to apartment we stopped at shopping market to buy food and spent the rest of the day preparing for Saturday. You can read how it went here.

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