12. January 2014 3 min read

Invest with Bitcoins

We long know mining Bitcoins is not profitable for small users as GPU and CPU mining is useless. But I have already written about alternative mining coins which you can then exchange to Bitcoins via online money exchanges in some other article, but now that you have your earned bitcoins you can either spend them online, gamble them with poker games, invest them into better mining hardware or invest them at some stranger. Please be aware that anywhere you send Bitcoins there is no chance to get them back unless the other person sends them back. There is no Bitcoin Police, no authority to tell you that last transaction was missed or that you made a mistake. This is one of the reasons why criminals depend on Bitcoin so much as refunds are not possible. Think before you send your Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Trader

You can invest your Bitcoins into Bitcoin trader, where you can buy investment shares with as low as 20 USD or what is even better - with equal amount of Bitcoins. It is a perfect way to increase your profit with Bitcoins while you are waiting for their value to grow, but there is a catch of course as the growth is linear and around 1.5% per work-day (sometimes it is also a loss). We have tested the payout with 2 USD and it went through flawlessly, but keep in mind that you can only payout via processor you have paid in. We do not know how it will turn in future, but so far until the date of writing this service seems legit. Please use below link to check them out and resgister.

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