14. January 2014 3 min read

LiteCoin mining script Windows

Litecoin is scrypt based cryptocoin and scrypt based cryptocurrencies are mined with some additional parameters to your miners. Below you will find a procedure to set up automated script which will run your miner with desired settings. Please be aware that you need correct versions of cgminer (below 3.8 - so 3.7.3) and bfgminer that still support GPU mining. CPU Mining should be done via minerd.

cgminer LiteCoin mining script Windows

Open your Notepad (All Programs->Accessories->Notepad) and add below lines into it.


cgminer --scrypt -o ltc-eu.give-me-coins.com:3333 -O worker.username:worker.password -I 11 -g 1

Please note that you should first create worker on give-me-coins.com website and then wait few minutes (lets say 10 minutes) that created worker is saved on the server. Worker credentials are public so do not put something in password that you use a lot (123456 seems just enough).
Now save the file into your cgminer3.7.2 directory and add extension .bat on end (either in Notepad or if you later rename the file). Now all you have to do is double click it to run.

minerd LiteCoin mining script Windows

Minerd is CPU miner which is only useful if you have a really good CPU. Then you can mine a bit faster than some lame GPUs, but I doubt it will ever be profitable enough to mine with it. The wonderful thing is that it can also mine on arm based CPUs without any modifications. Again you open Notepad and add below line in.

minerd -o stratum+tcp://ltc.give-me-coins.com:3333 -O worker.username:worker.password -a scrypt -t 4

Again keep in mind that you need to create a worker with password on Give me coins website and wait few minutes for it to be saved on mining server. The -t parameter means THREADs and should be the number of cores your processor has. The more cores the faster mining (that is why GPUs are so good at this - they have many cores). Now save this file in your mining folder with .bat extension and then double click to run it.

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