14. August 2014 3 min read

Shopping at Amazon.de is great

Online shopping is great in cases where near by stores do not have the model you want on stock. I needed white shoes, but all I could get were sport shoes, nothing elegant. But I needed elegant shoes and on end I went to Amazon.de to find them. At first I was skeptical, because shoe sizes differ a lot among brands, but after looking in more detailed Amazon.de provides a great charts for feet size vs shoe band size.
Next thing on my list once I have found the shoe I liked was the delivery time. Most stores had 7-21 work days listed as shipping time and since I am from EU this was unacceptable. I needed this shoes in 1 week and again Amazon EU SRL came to rescue. It had 5-7 work days delivery time which was perfect and when I sent order it wrote more like 10 days (it was a holiday in between). So I contacted support and had a great experience. The shoes came in 4 work days! Another great customer experience and another happy customer on the end.

Birkenstock Professional Portland shoes

I have ordered Birkenstock because I know they are a great band with great insoles and everything. I liked the simple, sleek design of the shoe and I have ordered the first size in which my feet fitted. When they arrived I have tested them and they fit as well as any other shoe I would buy in classical shops. Size chart is perfect. The material and craftsmanship of shoe is also on very high level and shopping online for shoes has taken my shopping experience in a whole new level. No more running around 10 to 15 stores each time I would need a new shoes, now I just go to Amazon.de, select color, material, even size, and just order. Birkenstock Professional Portland shoes did not disappoint in any aspect, as well as shopping experience at Amazon.de.

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