28. September 2017 3 min read

How to get compensated for delayed flight with transfers

On a recent flight small delays between connected flights resulted in more than 5 hour delay to final destination. I was wondering if I am also eligible for the compensation of the delay - especially since after every transfer I have got a small voucher for a drink. It turns out that all it matters is the time you come to your final destination.

Reaching final destination with huge delay is not only annoying, but you are also entitled to compensation

If your first flight has a delay which causes that you miss the second flight, they will usually provide you alternative flight to your final destination (and a drink/meal voucher). They might provide you options to choose, but should always pick the fastest and here is the trick. If you do not pick the fastest one, then they can argue that the overall delay was not their fault and then you will most likely not get compensated. If they do not offer you any other choices then make sure you either ask for them or keep a note that this were the only options offered to you. That is important because with basically any connecting flight missed it is quite certain, you will arrive at your final destination more than 3 hours later than intended which makes you eligible for the compensation.

Transfer flights usually amount to biggest compensation claims as it has domino effect on all sequential flights

Ask for compensation from the airline you booked your tickets from. There is an important notice for all low budget travellers. If the connection is MANUAL (not marked by system) then this is not valid.. If you book your flight in that way then you better include at least 2 and half hour delay (which is often the target for airlines) after landing time and boarding start. Also keep in mind that landing time does not include taxi-ing to the gate, and then running around the airport, so if you really want to play it safe the 2 and half hour window is not even that much.

You are entitled to compensation for longer delays after your arrival to final destination

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