Build docker container for multiple architectures on Gitlab CI

Gitlab CI is a great platform to build your docker images right from your application. But as an owner of mixed Kubernetes cluster with RaspberryPis and x86_64 CPU I need to make each image for multiple architectures. (more...)

When Jabra Elite Active 75t goes silent but remains connected

It is almost a year now, as I have been using the Jabra Elite Active 75t Bluetooth headphones. Even though there were few minor glitches with low volume in the right earbud in summer, they were and still are performing admirably. (more...)

Jabra Elite Active 75t has Active Noise Cancellation

I am an owner of Jabra Elite Active 75t Bluetooth headphones for some time now, but as you can see from other posts there were some bumps in the road. It has not been a whole year yet, and while I managed to solve one earbud low volume problem, the headphones occasionally also stop playing audio. (more...)

Limit number of allowed failing Robot framework tests in your project

We can all agree that sometimes you just remember a valid test, but your implementation is not on level to pass it. Now you face a dilema: do I commit a test and fail the build, or I waste some more time to implement a solution as well? The usual answer is: implement a solution, mainly because most of the test frameworks fail the build, if there is a failing test. (more...)