Kubernetes and Traefik v2 forward traffic to external IP

In my internal network I have couple of devices that I would love to expose to internet. However as we all know those devices are not the most secure, so providing added layer of security via Kubernetes and Traefik v2 seemed like easiest and best idea. (more...)

List all authors of git commits on branch in last 30 days

I wanted to have a bit of an overview about what is going on with my branch in the last 30 days. It was hijacked by some co-developers and in the end I wanted to see who contributed the most. But the problem was that while GitHub and GitLab do provide some statistics, they are for a master or main branch and they cannot be filtered by time. (more...)

Deploy Python Bottle framework application to Kubernetes cluster

Recently I needed to write a simple application that would manipulate image and serve it back. All this would have to run from my Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster and Django seemed quite an overkill for that. (more...)

Build docker container for multiple architectures on Gitlab CI

Gitlab CI is a great platform to build your docker images right from your application. But as an owner of mixed Kubernetes cluster with RaspberryPis and x86_64 CPU I need to make each image for multiple architectures. (more...)