09. November 2021 3 min read

Ireland - weekend in Dublin with kids

We were planning prolonged weekend holidays in Autumn and we found a cheap flight by Ryanair to Dublin International airport. The weather was overcast, but not too cold. After landing we decided to just take a bus and first drop our baggage at the hotel. We bought a 7-day adults ticket for the public transport in a grocery store just next to the airport bus stop. At the bus stop we could see many yellow double decker buses, so we just picked the correct bus stop and waited for the bus.

Dublin's yellow double decker buses

After boarding the bus we course went to the upper deck and we really enjoyed the short trip to the Metro Hotel Dublin Airport. If you want to board the bus, you need to signal to the driver to stop and if you want to leave, you need to push the button, otherwise bus is just driving past bus stops. Very efficient system, but it was a bit of a stress, since we did not know it.

Eating in Dublin

Dublin is known for steaks and burgers. Or let me put that differently. The most pubs and bars has some sort of burger/steak offer. That is why after a long trip on the first day we also decided to go for a Burger. First choice was pasta/pizza, but due to Covid restrictions they were all take-away or required a reservation and were fully booked. We found a The Bald Eagle pub, where we ordered a burger and to our amazement they also had a Vegan burger. The food tasted excellent and also not expensive. I would highly recommend.

Grafton Street

The main street in Dublin is Grafton Street. You might remember it from the lyrics of Ed Sheeran songs, or just from the movies, but it is worth the stroll. Very wide, with shops on both side, but that also means that you might very easily get into a shopping frenzy. Once we reached the St. Stephens Green, there was a Shopping center on the right side which inside has a big mechanic clock and many floors of stores. It was already late in the evening, but on our way to bus station we took a short detour past Dublin Castle. There is a bus stop on every corner, which is one great advantages of Dublin, as you can easily hop buses to get where you want to.

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