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Day 2 of UK adventure - Cambridge, Ely


It was a Sunday morning when we arrived to Cambridge. We parked our car in parking space near police station (which is ironically next to bakery) and started to walk around. It was cold morning (near freezing) but there were people running in shorts and T-shirts. There were not many people on streets and some seemed like party hungover students in my country. There was quite some trash on streets which was probably really left after a party. We walked around first college in this college town and its style was castle-church alike. Every grass was cut to perfection with beautiful gardens which made this old buildings even more elegant. After taking some photos we went towards the Mathematical bridge. Legend tells that Mathematical bridge was built without any nails. Well we noticed that legend was wrong. Next to Mathematical bridge there is a Student Campus, which is connected to Queen College. This was the path we took to take a short peek inside the buildings which from outside seemed just like every old towns street. Inside however there were gardens with perfectly cut grass with parks. All this is hidden from main street visitors and it took quite an effort to find it. After Queens College we went to Kings College - which is a big church-alike structure in main centre of town. We tried to take a look inside here also but a neatly dressed security guard told us that college opens to visitors at 1pm! Well we asked if we can take a picture of buildings that surrounded a grass park behind the main gothic church-alike wall which was next to chapel. It was interesting to see so many churches and chapels in such small place - almost every college has one. Then we turned back towards our car and drove to Ely.

Ely Cathedral

Ely is a principal church of Cambridge and seat of Bishop. The bishops from Ely financed almost every college in Cambridge and the huge gothic cathedral in center of Ely. It really is far bigger than any other church I have seen with classic gothic elements, vitrage windows and neatly made olthar. Its amazing roof sure impresses and the pure fact that you can see the cathedral in skyline of Ely tells you everything. It took us quite some time to walk around and see everything, but on the end we moved on towards Kings Lynn and Lincon


There is famous castle and cathedral in Lincon which is very similar to the one in Ely. Only big difference is that landscape has some small hills and both castle and cathedral are on top of hill which offers nice view over the city. It was a pleasant sight but city was packed due to some festival in town.


From Lincon we have drove towards Hull. Road leads you straight over a nice bridge which spans over a river or is it sea. Probably some kind of mixture of both because the depth seemed to change at least considering the landscape. Anyways Hull is old fishing port which is now industrialized. There is not much history in it, but we have found a pleasant hotel/motel for afordable price where we spent the night.

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