03. May 2013 3 min read

Day 7 of UK adventure - Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester

It was a lot nicer sunny morning in Glasgow, where day before we took a stroll and a great T-Bone steak. We got out quite early to drive south on West side of the Island with Manchester Stadium and Liverpool docks, Liverpool Beatles as next sights.


As expected Manchester is a modern city with not much things to see except football stadium and main town center with shopping malls which are all modern. There are quite many skyscrapers that enliven the city, but it mostly seemed dead. There was not much traffic at all. So after drive through visit we turned back West towards Liverpool


The famous Beatles were here and this was the first thing in mind when we came into this modern city which still has some older kicks in. For example Strawberry Fields song about Strawberry road was first thing we drove through with typical English town architecture it really set the mood Beatles started in. Then when you drive more towards the Docks and the gulf, you notice new and modern city center with shopping malls and huge avenues. We were also hunting for Beatles statues that are set through the city and are really hard to find. We found most of them, but some are in really shady side roads (no signs are leading to them as the city would not like to have many tourists around) in front of clubs where Beatles performed. I did not know Lennon was so short, but taking a photo with his statue was a great experience. Of course after Beatles mania we went to check local sights such as Albert Docks, Echo Arena, and just to take the opportunity we took the undersea car tunnel Kingsway (which we had to pay) to get to Birkenhead.
After that we drove down to Birmingham where we found a nice place to stay just outside the town.

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