02. May 2013 3 min read

Day 6 of UK adventure - Iverness and Loch Ness

After great sleep we had a long drive in front of us and because it was slightly raining we were not too sad about it. We took the central road (we skipped the Aberdeen) through Cairngorms National Park and the weather improved just enough that it amazed us with the beauty. Here up north the forest is a luxury, yet there was a nice landscape there and it almost felt like Slovenia. It was all dried up thou, as we expected a bit more blooming for this time of year.

Iverness fortress

After arriving in Iverness, the most Northern point of our trip, we were greeted by thick clouds and misty fog. We came just in time for Iverness fortress battalion to have firing exercise which reminded us that most of this fortresses and castles in Great Britain are still used as barracks for army. After entry we again went over the regiment history and missions as well as checked some seagulls and beaches outside the fortress. It was still fascinating, but we had much bigger plans for that day. So before noon we were on our way again towards Loch Ness and Nessy monster.

Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle

I must say I have expected much more from Loch Ness, but it is just some lake in middle of mountains and to make matters worse, it is not the ONLY lake there. Its publicity was driven by the famous Loch Ness monster and the Urquhart Castle. Once again it was journey through the history of castle which was more Medieval as all it remains is a ruin. The owner blew it up before he left - what a strange move. We skipped the Nessy Museums as they were not included in our Scottish Explorer card and we went down South towards Glasgow. The path took us over some mountain passes with clouds and fogs but it still amazing landscape. We also saw ski lifts and some snow. The drive was exciting, but long - we stopped for every view.
It was early evening when we arrived in Glasgow and we found nice hotel almost near center park where we decided to spend the night. We checked out the few worthy views but there was not much to see, but we were ahead of a nice day in Liverpool.

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