24. June 2014 2 min read

Day 1 of Le Mans roller 24h adventure - The drive, Paris in morning

It is our national holiday on 25th June, so we have decided to hit the road on 24th June afternoon. Our plan was to take the cover of the night to drive directly into the Paris for a sightseeing and then sleep until next day when we complete our drive in Le Mans, to acclimate before 24 hour roller skating Le Mans race. Plan started perfectly as we drove the entire way through Salzburg, Munich, Stuttgart, into France, and then A3 directly to Paris. We arrived in Paris at 5.30 am and drove directly to Champs-Elysees where we were able to park! This early in the morning there were no people at all, but the morning light made for some spectacular photos. Even Louvre museum queue was empty. Something I have never seen (apparently I was not early enough). We took a light walk around the buildings to take photos, then drove to Eiffel Tower, where we were also able to park just next to it and enjoy the rising sun above the Seine river and Eiffel Tower. They had some party there the night before so it was all littered, but it did not spoil our sightseeing tour. A short ride around Paris streets and back to outskirts into our hotel for the sleep. In evening we woke up for a meal in nearby resturant and then slept until next morning.
The adventure continued on the next day.

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