26. June 2014 2 min read

Day 2 of Le Mans roller 24h adventure - Palace of Versailles, Le Mans city

In the morning we have decided to drive across the Paris to Palace of Versailles, to check it out before our final destination Le Mans. We arrived early to avoid traffic, and it was closed. It did not matter much as we took a stroll around it to gasp its size. After the sightseeing we were again on road. This time we got into more dense traffic leaving the Paris. It was only 50 kilometers from Paris that we were able to get a normal traveling speed towards Le Mans.

Le Mans

The arrival into Le Mans is through shopping center Avenue (your first sight are shopping centers), but once going towards the old city you get greeted by Cathedral on top of the small hill above the city. Beneath the hill is a river which makes Le Mans a very pleasant city (resemblance to Ljubljana with Castle above was noticeable). It was a nice day and we explored the old city with its old Roman walls and other newer avenues with tram and bus lines and closed of pedestrian zones. The old city is full of narrow and twisted streets on top of the hill, which drop down with stairs directly to river or the hill base. We were sleeping at Accor Ibis-budget hotel which is just next to Accor Mercure hotel and they also share the parking-lot. It was a really nice stay, so nice that we also slept there on our way back.

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