18. August 2014 3 min read

Day 2 of Greek island Kos advanture - Asteras Resort

We arrived at Asteras Resort just in time for lunch, and since our rooms were not ready we just decided to make the most of the meal. Lunch is a self service buffet with international food and all sorts of meat (even seafood). It also includes pasta, rice and potatoes as well as a lot of salads and of course the deserts. The nice sight of pool makes you forget you are in middle of basically sun burned grasslands which seem more like some desert or step. Also surroundings of the hotel are all green, which indicates that Kos does not have water problems (in fact they have fresh water wells on one side of island). After we got into the room it was total night and day from Princess of Kos. This resort really has nice rooms, and we were close enough to main building so that I could write this blog from my room. The main point is that there were no (0) mosquitoes! We were really happy about the fact, but still used the Electric Raid just in case. After short trip to room and shower (terrible shower in Princess of Kos), we went to the beach just 100 meters away from hotel. On the beach the sun beds are payable (even if you are hotel guest), but we just put our bag in sand and jumped into the water. It was a bit colder than at Mastihari, as this resort is situated on other side of island near village Kardamena (Kos Island, Greece). The sea is crystal clear and there is nothing floating in it. Wind was blowing from the other side, so there were no big waves, but beneath the waves the fish not far from beach were HUGE. I mean plate-big. Usually near the beach you find smaller fish, but here big ones were patrolling the coastline and it seems like fisherman paradise. I hope I will have time to try and catch some.
After the swim we were going back to the hotel room for the dinner. Dinner is also self service buffet and it seems quite similar to lunch, although foods were not repeating (which is good if you ask me). They also had a Greek Night, and were serving Gyros. After the meal we took a walk on the beach just before the sleep.

You can read more what happened on Day 3 on this link.

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