19. August 2014 1 min read

Day 3 of Greek island Kos advanture - Kardamena

Island Kos Southern-Central part around Kardamena has beautiful sandy beaches with some stones in between them. One of the most important things I have noticed here is that there are no mosquitoes. The whole evening we were outside as well as day, there was not a single mosquito. Although wind was constantly blowing, it was very calm around the pool in hotel. Asteras Resort is situated between Kardamena, and what we later found out a village under mountain alike hotel complex.


Kardamena also has a small port which daily enables you to visit nearby islands. Beaches are sandy with few sections of bigger stones, but no rocks or cliffs until you come under the mountains on east and on west. It also has shop, market and of course a bigger bus station. It is a usual Greek town and that about sums it all.
You can read more about this adventure and Day 4 on this link.

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