21. August 2014 4 min read

Day 5 of Greek island Kos advanture - Kefalos and Paradise Beach

We have explored the Eastern part of Kos yesterday and for today we have decided to visit the West of the airport. The landscape on this part of Kos island is much greener due to sweet water fountains which provide water for whole island. Do not get me wrong- this is not tropical green of Madeira or forests, but just grass is not brown and dried up, as well as there are many small bushes which you can see elsewhere in Northen Adriatic sea. I would pretty much say that tap water on Kos is drinkable, but I have not tried it. I think it is because at bar they were not too concerned about water usage and they were not using bottles. Beside this, the water they gave you tasted differently than the one from bottles they also had.
Also this West side of the island has significantly worse roads (at least the end of main road to Kefalos is really poor) than the East part of Kos, probably because this side is more remote and does not have any additional services beside tourism. However this part does have beautiful beaches and because it is more remote they are less crowded than around Miramar.


Kefalos is a small town on top of small hill which is in shade of quite higher hill, but still offers commanding view of the bay. A very twisted and poor concrete road leads from bay to the city on hill, but the view is worth the effort. Once in Kefalos you have chance to go even more to the mountains and West part of island, but be aware that roads are significantly worse and punctures there are nothing strange. But the step downhill towards the beach might just balance the risk as this will be probably as close to private bay as you can get without a boat.
Before Kefalos (in the bay under), there is a small island to which you can walk through the shallows and on main land you have some ancient ruins of a church, that are on most postcards. The beach is sandy, but the cliffs around it provide a vivid scenery. Also there is a small house on the island, but it is not open.

Paradise beach Kos

Between the Kos airport and Kefalos there are several public beaches (all sharing a wide bay, which on one side ends with Kefalos cliff). This are sandy beaches with umbrellas and sun beds to rent, and they are quite pricey. They also have a lot of motor watersports centres as well as beach bars. They are also very shallow, but without trees, so sun umbrella will be your only shade. It is worth mentioning that water is a bit colder than on other beaches due to sweet water underwater springs located in this area. This means around 3 degrees Celsius colder water in middle of August.

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