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Denmark - Dybbol molle and Sonderborg Castle

We started our trip on the first thing we could right after driving from Germany. Denmark highway parking lots are amazing with the small ponds where you can camp and fish. That makes you just stop there for a holiday, but we had a decent schedule for the first day and it included some sights right next to the boarder.

Dybbol molle / Dybbol Mill

Dybbol molle is a wind mill for grinding wheat into flour. It is a bit away from top of the hill, but still provides a nice view above Sonderborg and the fjord/bay under it. Hill was used in many battles in the area and holds historical great significance for Denmark. Dybbol mill is a museum today, but it retains some connection to the main intention of the mill - grinding wheat. In the first floor you can grind some wheat yourself just to see how the process goes and it makes for a lot easier understanding why wind energy was used for the process.
Remainder of the mill with additional building is used as a history museum of the surrounding area. It includes some old items and a lot of interesting historical stories that help you understand the importance of this structure for Denmark. You do not yet realize, but whole Denmark is one big field. There is a reason why there was no major hunger in Denmark during 2nd World War. That reason is the whole country is basically farm land. They are trying to grow back some forest, but intensive agriculture is still major objective.

Dybbol Mill with the first world war museum on the side

Sonderborg castle

Once your are in the area you can take a hike to a history museum next to it, or just drive in the town to check the beach. While we were in the town we checked out Sonderborg castle. The castle is located on edge of the bay, blocking the entrance to port. Vivid area is enriched by knight games and various other tourist shows as well as great marina and restaurants. Beach also seems OK, but remember that you are quite North so water temperature is a bit lower. Castle itself is surrounded by very nice park with a lot of benches and picnic areas where you can finish your lunch.

Although Sonderborg castle is directly on the beach, there is still enough green grass around it to fill the photo. You would never notice the sea behind the photographer

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