13. July 2017 4 min read

Denmark - Aarhus

We moved from island of Fyn back to mainland Denmark. One of the target cities was to visit Aarhus. The old city has quite some canals among the old buildings, but the port is modernized. A big no-car zone makes it perfect for bikes and to see the leisure Danish lifestyle in practice. It is a lively university town with modernized buildings.
Aarhus presentation of Earth project

Aarhus library - Dokk1

We spotted this modern building in port called Dokk1. Upon closer inspection we found out it is actually a library, but outside of it you have an amazing small themed playgrounds for Kids. From dragons to full blown dinosaur it is all the little ones need to get into the dream world.
Playground at Dokk1 library in Aarhus

Aarhus botanical garden

One thing worth visiting is also Aarhus botanical garden. The domes in the park manage to take you on a journey through tropical forest which then leads to the Medeterranian plants and deserts. It also has some ponds inside with butterflies so it is constant fun. The lookout on top of the dome provides a nice birds perspective to plants below. To make it more accessible it is all free. Outside of the dome you have also various other plants that can also survive a bit more harsh Danish climate. With focus on sustainability it is a good educational resource for younger generations.

Moesgard Strand

Although we went for summer holiday to Denmark we did not want to miss on the sea. Denmark strands and sea is quite cold, but the beach activities were still great. We also have a nice story to tell where we placed the sand tent around 40m from the sea and while we were playing the big ship passed on horizon. Locals politely approached us and alerted us that in 10 minutes most of the beach would be under water by the waves from that ship. Apparently shallow waters and big ships have that effect! Anyway we moved higher up and the beach was indeed flooded.
Access to Moesgard strand is also a bit more exciting. You park the car on top of the cliff and then you walk over paths through grass and small forests (which is interesting, since Denmark cut most of their forest in past) before you descend down the cliff to this very private sandy beach. Perfect for finding your own hidden spot without much people. Also cliff provides a nice shelter from the wind.

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