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Denmark - Odense, railway museum and Hans Christian Anderson

Odense in Denmark has some great parks and museums you just cannot miss. Legacy of Hans-Chirstian Anderson is visible throughout the city and just invites you to explore fairy tale world around it. Odense is home to Denmark Railway museum which gives trains a whole new dimension. There is just too much interesting places to visit around the city as all attractions are open just between 10am and 5pm, while in summer daylight is still around midnight.

Denmark Railway museum Odense

Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory would be proud of this museum. Old trains, train carriages, photos from train voyages of different Dannish people from around the Europe tell an exciting story when traveling with a train offered a cheap alternative to see other cultures and explore exotic places. There are some really old trains and other transportation machines from all 20th century. Models of ships for transporting trains accross fjords are also on full display and well detailed and described. It also incorporates iconic events in development of the railway while provides additional educational material for children of all ages.

Denmark Railway museum in Odense has a whole train garage of parked old trains

Drive in a mini-train around the outside of museum, visit a fully functioning train garage, see old steam trains refuleing water, play on outside train themed trainground is just part of the exciting attractions offered to children. Older children have loads of virtual devices to guide them through history or engineering part of trains with small scale HO train model scenery and gaming corner with Microsoft Train Simulator one of the more exposed attractions. You can dress your kid in official railway clothing as well and see the whole history of railway construction. You can easily spend whole day in museum if you would read all the descriptions in detail and go on all the trains.

Minitrain around the Odense Denmark Railway museum is popular with kids and adults

Parks in Odense

A very green city with loads of small lakes and canals offers a unique park experience. Munke Mose is exciting park with kids playground, jogging paths, education path through local flora or just a place to sit and relax. If you follow the river towards South you will soon trek by Odense Zoo. Although this is all in middle of city there is peace and quiet here with trees all around you get a feeling of much more secluded place. It is a perfect path for jogging, cycling or just walking with many educational boards describing local wildlife you can see nearby.

H.C. Anderson house and Tinderbox

H.C. Anderson house is a museum with library fully dedicated to life of famous children fairy tale writer. You realize he was much more than just that and how his life actually evolved around acting and nearby theaters for which we wrote plays. Also most of his travels around Europe are well described and provide unique insight of an interesting man. Much less emphasis is on his fairy tales inside the museum, but fairytale castle outside of the museum fills that void with presentations (although in Dannish) of his fairy tales.
Tinderbox is a child theater alike place where children can walk around Hans-Christian Anderson fairytale, dressed like the characters, and use the items from the story to totally submerge into the fairy tale. It is also a creative place for children with possibilities to create, draw or just roleplay. It fuels fairy tale imagination of children with magical scenery all around.

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