Denmark - Kertemide with Landby Viking museum and fishing

After arrival on island Fyn we have decided to visit the beaches of Denmark and have some fun there. A lot of coastline is within fjords and the water there did not seem appealing enough as it seems mostly like marshes. (more...)

Denmark - Dybbol molle and Sonderborg Castle

We started our trip on the first thing we could right after driving from Germany. Denmark highway parking lots are amazing with the small ponds where you can camp and fish. That makes you just stop there for a holiday, but we had a decent schedule for the first day and it included some sights right next to the boarder. (more...)

China - Beijing

Beijing is a huge and modern city. Once you arrive at the airport, the terminal we were in was not the most modern one. After filling out Arrival card and getting a 72-hour Transit Free Visa, we were straight out to pick a taxi. (more...)

China - 72 hour Transit Free Visa

There is a way to visit China on short notice without having to go through the Visa application process. If you have time (and money) it is definitely better to go through the normal tourist Visa application process and receive a normal Visa for entering China. (more...)