Hiking and nature of South Carolina

Still on the same day I visited Georgia North part, I drove through Clayton back from Black Rock Mountain to Chatooga river and towards Oconee State Park and its Hidden Falls.

Chatooga River and Reedy Branch Falls

The Chatooga River is quite pristine river with a lot of fish, so spending a day on its banks would be easy and very peaceful. (more...)

Hiking and nature in Georgia USA - Northern part

I decided to make a long roadtrip for whole day which included visiting some of the famous Georgian natural parks and then I could just not resist to venture into South Carolina to tick additional state off my visited list. (more...)

Hiking near Atlanta

While visiting Atlanta make sure you drop by and check some of the nature. I was surprised that suburbs are pleasantly green and that houses are actually surrounded by trees. Not to mention wild life in Georgia includes poisonous snakes and some bears, so I was a bit skeptical about hiking in parks. (more...)

Georgia USA - Atlanta

USA is a big place where each country or even city has a different atmosphere and topography. For short trips you will not be able to avoid jetlag, but that should not prevent you from exploring the country. (more...)