Fuerteventura - Esquinzo beach, El Cotillo and Jarugo beach

In the late morning we took a dirt road from El Cotillo towards Jarugo beach. The road is in decent shape, very wide, but still the travel is not fast. We had a plan to visit also several beaches on our way there. (more...)

How to get compensated for delayed flight with transfers

On a recent flight small delays between connected flights resulted in more than 5 hour delay to final destination. I was wondering if I am also eligible for the compensation of the delay - especially since after every transfer I have got a small voucher for a drink. (more...)

Denmark - Aarhus

We moved from island of Fyn back to mainland Denmark. One of the target cities was to visit Aarhus. The old city has quite some canals among the old buildings, but the port is modernized. A big no-car zone makes it perfect for bikes and to see the leisure Danish lifestyle in practice. (more...)

Denmark - Egeskov Castle

It was a sunny day and Egeskov castle was more South from Odensee, where we were staying. We were early and managed to pick a parking spot on the big parking lot. Castle is surrounded by a wonderful parks, well maintained. (more...)