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Day 4 of Greek island Kos advanture - Kos city, Asclepius, Therme

We rented the scooter at the hotel so that we could drive around the island to see the main tourist attractions. First stop was main city of island Kos, Kos. The roads toward main city are quite well maintained and what is the most important they are wide and enable comfortable driving even with the terrible Greek drivers. (more...)

Day 3 of Greek island Kos advanture - Kardamena

Island Kos Southern-Central part around Kardamena has beautiful sandy beaches with some stones in between them. One of the most important things I have noticed here is that there are no mosquitoes. The whole evening we were outside as well as day, there was not a single mosquito. (more...)

Day 2 of Greek island Kos advanture - Asteras Resort

We arrived at Asteras Resort just in time for lunch, and since our rooms were not ready we just decided to make the most of the meal. Lunch is a self service buffet with international food and all sorts of meat (even seafood). (more...)

Day 1 of Greek island Kos advanture - Kos airport, Mastihari

It was late evening when we sat on plane in Joze Pucnik airport (Ljubljana) and flew across the Balkans to the Greek island of Kos. Flight lasted for more than 2 hours and the landing on Kos airport was not really smooth. (more...)